When To Call Us About Your Furnace

When To Call Us About Your Furnace

The Value of Peace of Mind

Calling a professional for heating repair need not be stressful. If you suspect something may be wrong, it is best to act now rather than wait until the problem gets worse.

By calling the professionals at Twin Ports Plumbing & Heating (TPPH), you will receive the peace of mind that your mechanical system is in good repair and operating safely.

If you contact us when you first detect a heating issue, you may well prevent a more costly repair later, and will certainly assure your family’s safety now.

Comprehensive heating maintenance and repair is one of our specialties at TPPH, and we can help you by finding and detecting heating problems early.

We’ve responded to many heating repair calls on cold winter nights that could have been avoided if the homeowner had called us sooner.

Common Mechanical Signs that Suggest Repairs are Needed.

Strange Noises

Many of us tend to take our heating systems for granted until they stop working. You can help avoid that outcome by listening to your furnace.

If your heating system starts making strange sounds, it is usually a sign of a potentially serious mechanical failure. Since furnaces and boilers burn fuel to create heat, the sounds they make can sometimes indicate harmful and dangerous problems.

Such problems can include natural gas leaks or carbon monoxide, both of which can be fatal.

If your furnace shows signs of mechanical failure, contact TPPH so we can inspect your furnace for the safety of you and your family.

The Flame is Not Blue or is Flickering

Furnaces that burn fuel should burn a healthy blue flame, not red, orange, yellow, green, or purple. If you have a blue flame, you know the fuel is burning safely and efficiently. If you see any other color than blue, contact us right away.

The behavior of furnace and boiler flames is an excellent indicator of the overall health of your heating system.

If the flame is flickering or is yellow, shut off your heating system immediately and call us at TPPH. Your furnace or boiler could be leaking dangerous carbon monoxide!

Low or No Heat

If your furnace or boiler is running cool or isn’t producing any heat at all, call TPPH to check out your system. The problem could be as simple as changing the air filter, so it is wise to check that yourself first.

However, if your filter is clean, the problem could be more serious and involve a more complex issue such as a fan motor, thermo-couple, or an extinguished or malfunctioning pilot light.

Robby Meyers
Robby Myers

For such repairs, contact us at TPPH and we will visit your home to diagnose the problem.

Heating calls take priority with us, particularly during the winter months. We will offer a reasonable and competitively priced solution to your heating problem.

Twin Ports Plumbing & Heating provides trustworthy, on-time heating and air conditioning service throughout the Twin Ports region.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call TPPH master technician Robby Myers direct at (218) 277-9336 for prompt service.