Residential Heating Services

We’ll Keep Your Home Comfortable Year ‘Round

Whether winter winds are blowing or it’s a hot August night, we’ll be there for your comfort.

Twin Ports Plumber specializes in furnace installs and repairs


With the technology used today, we can offer clients a single or second stage furnace. The forced air unit will either run at a constant full capacity with a fixed valve and single speed blower motor or a 2-stage valve with a sensor to modulate the energy consumption and run at variable speeds to keep more energy bill dollars in your pocket.

Boiler Systems

Boiler systems use hot water to heat your living space. Designing and building a boiler system to fit client needs and have it function flawlessly is a great satisfaction. It involves electro mechanical interfacing with wiring, pumps, heat exchangers, and valves.

Twin Ports Plumbing can diagnose problems in your heating and cooling systems

Trouble Shooting

On the repair and troubleshooting side, the challenge is to do board level componentry troubleshooting on the ohms, the resistance, and the thermal overloads. It’s kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle but backwards, and depending on your ability, It will tell generally tell you where the problem is.

Twin Ports Plumbing can analyze your heating/cooling system to save you money

System Analysis

Really listening and discussing the customer needs will ensure you have the right unit size and functionality for application and is of utmost importance in guaranteeing the efficiency, safety, and longevity of the unit.

Twin Ports Plumbing can revamp your entire heating and cooling system with minimal inconvenience


Modifying your heating unit will help meet the ever-changing needs of comfort zones, relative humidity in the air, and will help prevent environmental hazards such as growth of black mold spores.

Twin Ports Plumbing will replace old corroded pipes before an accident happens


Re-piping your boiler system may be necessary if you are having problems such as leaking due to corrosion or cracked pipes.

Twin Ports Plumbing & Heating can update your system


For adequate efficiency, maintaining functionality and implementing proper use of fossil fuels and precious energies is a must. Living here in the North, heating systems take on a lot of wear and tear over the years and will eventually run its course which will require replacement of your heating system.

Twin Ports Plumbing & Heating can help you successfully add on or remodel your home

Additions to Loops

Secondary loops are added to increase efficiency and distribute heat at variable temperatures to multiple heating zones and regulate the pressure and flow of water through various sized pipes.

Twin Ports Plumbing & Heating will insure that your AC is working efficiently when the hot weather arrives

Glycol & Freezing

Applying a well-mixed glycol solution to any boiler system is key to protecting all parts of the unit. The addition of glycol propylene in a closed-loop boiler system not only provides freeze protection down to 50 below zero, the composition of this antifreeze, helps lubricate the bearings of the pumps and ease up on the viscosity of water cycling through the unit.